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Without you

How can I sing love songs without you?
How can I sing tragic songs without you?
All the settings of this evening reflect you.
When I walk along the lane,
My hand feels the absence of yours.
Where are you going, my dear?
(And where am I going?)
Your false love for me left something in my heart.
My love also isn’t sure to be with you.
All I have now are pain, numbness and spaces
Made by me, you and us.
How can I continue this poem without you?

In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Apr 16, 2011
Comment #1

without u,,i m losing ways,
without u,,i m going to b fool.
without u,,don’t want to do anything.
without u,,life is meaningless,

commentinfo By: ei lay at Oct 4, 2012

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