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Sing With My Heart Beat!!…

Plx, take my heart to your soul
Make my love into your world
Sing with my heart beat
Ever will you will need..

I don’t need anything expect you
I don’t want anything expect you
I don’t believe anybody expect you
I don’t care anything expect you
Cause of my heart is always on yours..

Whoever told me not to love
But I’ve already decided to love you….

Whatever people are saying 
I will be on your side 
And I will ever love you…

I don’t care how they tell to me
You are the only one
Who bring my heart into the love….

I just want to say 
Without you, nothing is for me..
Believe me, 
My heart is new and cool
I give all my love on you
I will be following you as your shadow….

Even I die
I love you as the ghost
And I will be forever in your heart and sould….

I remember that you slept on my shoulder 
I remember that we sat chair together
I remember that we kissed togehter
I remember that we hugged together
I remember that we laughed together
But I need it forever……

Without expecting to write a poem but it happen..
                                                             Trying to be



In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Jan 12, 2013
Comment #1

Thz so much.

I don’t care whatever.
U r my only one who is ever new.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Jan 12, 2013
Comment #2

Without u,nothing is for me

commentinfo By: ei lay at Jan 16, 2013

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