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Untold Feeling

See your smile

Not just make a smile in my face

But blooming happiness flower in my heart

Your smile is a spring sun in long winter.


Hear your voice call my name

Like hear an angel sing for my name

A joyful sound I ever hear

Like I never hear before


I can feel every pain in your heart

Through your clear eyes

I can see your heart cry

Just cry on my shoulder until you can feel free from sadness.


This love grow so big

Until choke my soul

Even I can’t say “I love you” for you.

Growing pain in my heart


In every poem I’ve write

Every songs I’ve sing

Only you I could feel there

Every day I hope you know what I feel


Even in thousands words I’ve write

I still can’t explain this feel

When I hold your hand and see the sky

Look at our dreams fly there like free bird


But I couldn’t say what I feel

Just hope you can read my mind

In every poem I’ve write

I just want to say “I do Love You”

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Oct 18, 2011

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