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The walls between you and me will be the bridges

There is a girl who loves a man very much in the world
The man left her for so far place.

She miss the man every seconds in her world
She see the man every nights in her dream
She wait for him every days

Sometimes she writes a poem about the man
she composes a song for the man
she creates a virtual world with the man

No one can know she has a man
she has a love
she is a fool for love

Because she seems to be mature
she seems to be happy
she seems to be strong

Actually,she feels lone
she feels hurt
she feels sad

She has been waiting for him long time
She has been loving for him long time
She has been dreaming a world with him long time

But he doesn’t know how much she loves him
how much she believes him
how much she is strong in love with him

There are walls between she and that man
But she believes that walls will be the bridges between she and he

Sandar from the heart

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jun 26, 2014

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