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Phue mu

Dear !
Phue mu….

You are at Thai

I’m at Myanmar

we are become

on line friend ship

It is was changed

became colour

you are my heart

I love you true

do you believe ?

in your deep heart

will you love me ?

I am crazy so

with my whole heart

I might be die

don’t take lie me

I’ll be deny…

while you told me

that’s he your heart

It’s difficult to believe

as your sweet-boy

you just lie me

may be I’ll die

by love mind

you should kind me

If we become

on line lover

you are the queen

who win my love

yes ! of course !

you ought to take

don’t be hate me

may be you know

the whole my heart

full of love………..

Khun Kye’ Phyu ( si sai )

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jun 9, 2010

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