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Pain In My Heart…

We loved each others
Without any hurt or pain
But you left with tear
I don’t dare to think about that we would be near…

Who will knows that pain all the nights and all the times..
Who will cares this pain even you
Who will understand that hurts in my heart
I think, the poetry can’t find the words for me.
I am nearly to die
Cause of this pain….

Anything and everything
I gave it to you
I have nothing expect PAIN
I will always shouting your name……
But you can’t hear…..

I remembered the time with you
I revoked the kiss you gave me
I recognized the promise that you owned me
But everything that you gave
I keep them in my heart……

I heard your voie calling (me)
Into the darkness
And I woke up every nights
Cause of you are coming back to me
I was bliss and delight
Sadly, I don’t know, it was a dream….

I am waiting for that day
I am needing you always
Understand me in one day
I am waiting with the pain…

Sharing heart-broken gril’s feeling..
This gril asked me to write poem for her feeling into the words…
If poem is still alive, I will be delightful.
Also my poem made my days into bliss…..

                                                Trying to be

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