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My Heart Is Asking You…

Even though I away form you
But my love is always for you
And I am thinking being close to you
Cause of I am only one
Who will ever love you….

Until I die
I decide to hold your hand
From the begining
To the end….

Belive me, baby
I don’t have much to say
I Want You… I Love You
Baby, you are the only one
I am fall in love….

Trust me, baby
I can’t say funny or jokes
This is from my heart
Where is full of unhappniess without you…

I know that
You only can bring these happiness to me
Everything is you
Even though I close my eyes
My heart is asking you..

Plx, don’t drive me
Cause of my heart is getting poison form you
So that come to me
Relax on my shoulder
Catch the “Z” on my heart….

I can’t refuse my heart
He is always asking you…

He said, he needs you…

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In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Dec 30, 2012
Comment #1

Believe me
trust me
U r the only one I fall in love.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Dec 30, 2012
Comment #2

Good. My heart is asking you to join my broken heart with superglue.

commentinfo By: kyawnainglin174 at Dec 31, 2012
Comment #3

ko kyaw naing linn,,

commentinfo By: ei lay at Dec 31, 2012
Comment #4

I need u.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Jan 18, 2013
Comment #5

Even though I had to stay away fr u,,I m dying to miss u.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Jan 28, 2013
Comment #6

Thanks to ko kyawwinnaing174 and Ma Ei…

commentinfo By: soeoo at Feb 26, 2013

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