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Love Of Hate

I can’t say anything to you
I can’t escape from your seing
How can I leave you….

What do you need
What do you want form me
I give everything you need
Why are you leaving me…
But I am ok 
Tell me, if you need anything else 
I can still give you from my heart…. 

I don’t care whenever you torture
I am happy as you happy 
I just want to say “please don’t play my heart”
Because you are my one, love, heart, blood
Believe me, without you, my heart is meaning less..

You stold my heart 
You put the poison

And leave my heart in hell.
Don’t drive me crazy
You are my everything….

Love of hate
I don’t want it anymore
I just want to be with you
This is my dream become ture…..
Whatever you say
I don’t care, I just care that if you are going hate me..

Sharing the feeling of my friend..
                                  Trying to be

In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Dec 20, 2012
Comment #1

Plz don’t play with my heart.
Don’t drive me crazy.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Dec 21, 2012
Comment #2

After I have read this poem,I think it leaves someone in my heart.
I don’t think you can’t escape from my seeing.

commentinfo By: kyawnainglin174 at Dec 22, 2012

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