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With all of my Heart..

i feel so close to u
my lover, my best friend..
it’s hard to tell where my heart
starts and yours end.

it’s like we r one.
body, spirit & mind..
meant for each other
two of a kind..

i will always love u
with all of my Heart..
together forever
Never To Part….

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jun 1, 2010
Comment #1

I have the same feeling like that. Nice poem………………။ ။

commentinfo By: paingtha at Jun 1, 2010
Comment #2

ကဗ်ာေလးက ေကာင္းလို႕ Copy ယူသြားပါတယ္

commentinfo By: jerrymouse at Jul 8, 2010
Comment #3

love it …

commentinfo By: Rahkela at Sep 28, 2010
Comment #4

i love all from head to botton of this lovely poem,,,
with all of my heart.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Jan 3, 2012
Comment #5

plz let me copy to my diary.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Feb 5, 2012
Comment #6

I always feel we r so close

commentinfo By: ei lay at Jan 18, 2013

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