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I am proud of you (BURMA)

I born on you
I belong you
I am pround as a citizen of you
I will be back to you…
But not now, cause of I have a duty to bring smiles and happiness for you..

Don’t worry
I am ok
And I don’t run away form you
I am proud of you…..

Pls, Don’t blame on me
Even though I am away form you
I am always for you..

Those poeple are destroying your smiles and happiness
They send your sons and daughters away form you….
You have nothing left on you 
But don’t depress 
I am right always for you..

Everybody run out of you
I am sorry that I couldn’t help you
But I will take them to you on one day…

Every families are away form each other
Don’t worry I will bring them to you
Don’t cry I will sway smile for you…

Every child have been dying on you
I am disconsolate that I couldn’t do for you
However, I will stand for you forever..

Pls, Don’t head down
I will institue happiness to you
You are the only one
I am belong you
Plx, be smile and welcome
To your sons and daughters
They will be back to you one day..

Plx, be patient 
I won’t leave you
Whatever problems are coming
I am belong to you
So that I love you ( Burma)

My feeling on my country
                              Trying to be

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