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Free on Borrowed Time

‎4-12-2011          Free on Borrowed Time                         

Free as a blowing wind,free as a bird ,Freedom of an open hand,and that to open again.

As my eyes widen,I see more of you ,your freedom you carry with you,

Gone are times of oppression, that of destruction,complication, and insecurity,

 Gone are years which we let go and will not return,But here to stay are our words,our actions and we pray.

No more thinking with our feet in the wishing well,no longer do we have to sell out our future,to dig with our way out of our borrowed time,

No longer live like a dieing wind.Fly yourself to freedom,fly as high as the sky is blue,

Fret no longer,even being alone,count on ourselves, count us as two of a one.

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Dec 17, 2011

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