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Reflecting in the wishing well

4-19-2011        Reflecting in the wishing well       
My fear subsided,for just a moment it seemed,

I reach towards the stars,my mind becomes in flight,

My feet ungrounded,in my heart I am moving,Soaring high in the sky,my eyes are wide open.

Weak shaking has passed, Last years fallen leaves pile in the corners,

as new new growth of the Spring appears,as if coming out of hiding.

I smell the new breath blossoming,only memories of the winter exist.

I have opened a new door,one which I had never opened before,all details become clear,

I feel as if I’ve rested more than I have slept,my feet swishing in a cool,clear,stream, that of  the wishing well.

My reflection with the sunshine at my back ,superimposes  my shadow of my imagination,

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Dec 17, 2011

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