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Just Letting Go,Being Self Found

11-29-2011       Just Letting Go,Being self found

Your memory -heavy on my mind-I have carried,down the river and onto the busy sea,

I release you into the water,as a fish to live among the pearly curls of the crashing waves,

As a bird into freedom  you fly as high as the sky is blue,

No longer held by a closed cage,I have letit you go ,long after is has gone

Bringing on the harshness of the mellow,I realize I have’nt been alone all along,

I bow down to my maker and  give thanks of my life’s accomplishments,I am now allowed to feel freely ,

I no longer feel held down,no longer in a  bind, I see that my past has been following paths of my own decision

Soon I will find that I ‘ll be calm,the calm of being self found.

I still keep searching for the answers I can not find.

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Dec 12, 2011

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