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I want to break free

You told me you love me much
i thought my life will be warm with your love
But instead of you dominate all my whole life
I have no chance to do with my mind
You want me to do with your mind
You dont allow me to do anything
You dont allow me to go anywhere
You dont allow me to talk with anyone
I dont want to stay in my life anymore

Do u forget i am not babby anymore
You know i m not rock which is non living thing
I m human i know how to feel hurt and sad
But you never seen what i feel hurt and sad

I owed a debt of gratitude to you
That is why i forgive and be patient to you
Now my life is very miserable right now
i m not happy to stay in that life.Pls let me free 

You know i never comit serious sin in my whole life
When i told i love you that i feel i comit serious sin in my whole life 
I want to go away from you
I want to be free 
let me break free
i want to break free from you

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jul 13, 2013
Comment #1

very nice and sori to hear

commentinfo By: thuta at Jul 13, 2013
Comment #2

I am also afraid also like that love

commentinfo By: La Yeik Cho at Aug 9, 2013
Comment #3

Thank you for your comment …

commentinfo By: moe zaw naing at Aug 9, 2013

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