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The Sweet Disposition

4-08-2012        The Sweet Disposition
        Much higher than than clouds, where possessions are nothing but dead weight,
        Where all can walk freely without losses of defeat,repeat,belief,
        Open doors that have not been dreamed of before,portholes of the stars,
        Please open this man cage,I must drink my thirst of there you are,
        The stones at my feet turn to sand,to dust,to the hardened hearts,
        No longer I wait,I chase my eyes to follow,my feet up to shallow,
        Away from the minds that collect in the deep,where there they remain hidden,
        My love is that of the rain that’s falling,the trees that are reaching,
        The ground that is needing, your heart to be feeding,dreaming,fleeing,
        The sweet disposition of the bright light which finds us,
        Is not of this world,the last ,or the next.

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Apr 12, 2012

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