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Let think ahead at least 100 years into the future , What might be different or the same?

Time always flies forward , not backward.
        The world also changes as much as the time passes. 
                           Once upon a time , human beings do not have any vehicles installed with machine , such as auto mobile , train , ship , airplane , and space ship . That is why it took too much time to travel from place to place. It was impossible for us to see with other people from distant countries.
                            Today the world seems to be too small due to advancement of telecommunication and transporation. We can talk or see immediately each other by surfing internet from the edg of the world to the another edge of it.
     In the future of 100 years , people might be harder to find job because using more robots. They might need to take more physical exercise they no longer work physically except mentally.
                             As they ask for more freedom , their morality might degrade , and crime rate might be higher.
When they cannot find the answer to sove these problems , they might turn back to relegion to alternate their mind set and attitude. 

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