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No one wants any hardship , troubles and problems. Every one wants peace and happiness . Unfortunately every body faces the problems and difficulties in any way day to day life.
          To gain perfect happiness , people live healthy life styles. They eat healthy foods every day. They take physical exercise regularly. A few people take meditation for a while in every day for peace of mind.
           Some people thought making money a lot could make them perfect happiness.People say money makes everythings. Yes .. We can buy whatever we need or want by money. we can eat or wear whatever we like. We can live in the luxurious house. But money can’t give them true happiness. Actually the happiness that come  from money is just sensual pleasure which is temporary happiness.
            We face with the problem in our day to day life . I think our making mistakes creates our problems. People inheritted sin and death from their ancesters according to the Bible. That is why human is imperfect act wrong doing and commit sin.

            As a matter of fact , our mind creates our own problems. We ,therefore need to alternate our mind and attitude when we have problem with other people. In fact it is impossible for us to change other attitude. There is no way except changing our own attitiude to settle the problem and to gain perfect happiness.. 

Ps … this is my first writing at POEMSCORNER.  

                                                Trying the best ,

In: English Essay Posted By: Date: May 17, 2013
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i like that .. yr writing is good. keep up yr good work.

commentinfo By: phyu at Jul 3, 2013

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