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My Favorite Time Of Day

Actually , Time is the most precious thing in our lives. In fact , time is itself our lives because it is limitted . That is called life expentacy . We can only live in the specific time fame. A common proverb is that time and tide wait for no man . Therefore  it is very important to spent our time in a useful way.
                                A day has twenty four hours. Sleeping time of a person is normally eight hours. But some hard working people may sleep five or six hours a day. The person who has full time job has to work eight hours a day. We spend the rest of the time for studying , reading , eating , taking exercise , bath , rest and recreation .
                                I like my best the time when i am singing the song . It makes me relaxed and refreshes my body and soul. At that time , i forget my getting tired due to stress of work. 

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