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“The Beautiful Things i Think”

There is a lot of beautiful things in our world. Some people believe that everything is created by God. Some believe that nature itself creates all kind of creatures and everythings in the universe.
              Anyway , the nature that consists of living things and non-living things are very beautiful. There are many Planets , millions of twinkling star , pretty blue moon , birds flying in the sky ,  fish swimming in the water and the flowers blooming on the trees and plants .
              As a matter of fact , there is no one who doesn’t like the beauty . Everybody want to be handsome or beautiful. So they wear the best and the most beautiful dress. they want to live beautiful house. They want to have beautiful and latest car. They decorate even the food by dressing with assorted colors so that the food  is beautiful. Even when they marry , they choose the beautiful or handsome person.
              In my opinion , there are two kinds of the beauty by the name of physical beauty and mental beauty. No one can see the beauty of mind by the human’s eye although every one can see physical beauty . In fact, Physical beauty is not real one but skin deep because its existance is temporary , not permanent. They always change and decay.
            In that case , how can we see the beauty of the mind. We can do it by watching the action and the life style of the person. So to speak , a lady is not beautiful but she is good-nature. She is not only considerate but also kind to other people. Moreover she is helpful , friendly and sociable with every people. That is why everybody loves her. they like the attractive trait and character of hers.
             The person with good character have optimism. The optimisms want to make not only their own community but also the whole world develope.
             I believe the beauty of the mind is more important than the physical beauty for us  so that we can make our environment safe and secure.

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excellent writing…

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