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                                                Everyone has a good day and a bad day. But no one wants a bad day. We hope only a good day. According to my experience , i get a good day and a bad day alternately.

                                                 Anyway it is very important for us not to be disappointed when we face the bad days. If you encounter so , you can change your situation by alternating your attitude. Long time ago , i dated my boyfriend. But he had never shown up. i was very upset and mad with him very much .Finally my getting mad me very tired. I learned that it was not benificial for me. i thought i needed to change my mind. So i went to the library nearby and spend reading the book namely “Positive thinking” .  This book helped me to more understand about the nature of our mind and people.
                                                  In fact , there is no day which is better than today. Yesterday has gone. Tomorrow doesn’t come yet. We posses only today. We live in today. Today is the best day for every one. We should , therefore change  today as a good day by alternating our circumstances. 

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