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Broken love, Broken Friendship. (please notice that this is a true poem and is a real event in my life)

You’ve always been my shoulder to lean on, you’ve been there for me ever since last summer. We fight and we break but then we kiss and make up. You told me that I can do it and that it’s my life and that I don’t need to listen to people that doubt me. You kissed my bruises and healed me when I crashed. I was there for you, you were there for me, we listened to each other problems and helped each other solve them. I left you, I wasn’t feeling our love any more. You were such a great friend and just a great boyfriend but twice fell apart and this third time was the last. You said that even if we broke up then you would still be my friend. You stood by my side as a friend but today when I needed a friend the most you gone. I sobbed and screamed out loud, I told you I needed a friend right now and that I was having a tough time. But you didn’t answer my call for help. You left me here with hot tears running down my face and because of that I cried even more. That night we were texting you promised me to never leave me no matter what. But you left. And I stood here, with nobody to talk to. I’ll forever miss you. 

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Feb 12, 2012

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