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Where Is The Change?

I am wondering 
Even though the time is passing day by day
But our country(Burma) is still in the military… 

I am wondering
Even though 2012 has passed 
Our people(refugees) has hopeless..

I am wondering
Even though everybody is saying 
Our country is changing
I want to ask you 
What kind of things are changing?
Please point it out loud…

I am wondering
The refugees and civil war becoming more and more
People are thinking that We Have Change..

I am wondering 
Young generations are becoming more uneducated
Young women are becoming more prostitutes
But people are keep saying that We Have Change…

I am wondering
All people are apart from their families 
All educated people are running out the country
But people are saying that We Have Change..

I am wondering
All our people know what to do
Why are we saying that without proof
But people are thinking We Have Democracy……

I am wondering
Where is the change
Where is the freedom
Where is the justice
Innocent young children are dying in the civil war
Impeccable young people are becoming ignorant
Legitimate people are becoming poor
Credulous people are away from their families
Where is the Democracy…….

I don’t have much to say
But please help where you can help for the country
All people will not enough to thankful and appreciate to you……
                                                               Trying to be
In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Jan 1, 2013
Comment #1

Really nice

commentinfo By: ei lay at Jan 1, 2013
Comment #2

i just read that .. really really good writing

commentinfo By: phyu at Jul 4, 2013

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