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Did u enjoy reading ” THE HOUND OF BASKERVILLES”

                 I like reading. I spend most of my spare time by reading . Reading gives us a lot of information and knowledge.
                 I m very pleased to read ” The Hound of Baskerville ” in our learning class . I enjoy it very much because it was very popular novel witten by Sir Arthur Conan Doile , who was a very famous author in England . It has been translated into many different language in the world .
                It is detective novel. I m very interested in reading it because it keeps us not only excited but also curious. It also suggests we think deeply about mysterious problem.
                To tell the truth , it is a bit difficult for me to read this novel because i have language difficulties. Sometimes i dont know some phrases . Some sentences do not make sense me as well . That is why i dont understand it clearly and satisfactorly.
                 Any way i enjoy reading ” The Hound of Baskervilles ” because it is very interesting novel as well as world’s popular novel.

I just try to write this . Frankly speaking , if i do mistake , pls forgive and read because i have poor eng and i m not professional. thank u so much PoemsCorner and all the friend .

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Have a good writing! Keep go on.

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