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Mother’s day is to honor all the mother’s in this world. Everybody has a mother. The mother is the most important person for each person in this world . That is why we need to honor the mother. 
                     The mother sacrifies for her children in various circumstances. She gets into troubles for nine or ten months when she has a pregnancy. Even after giving birth , she can’t sleep well at night because baby sometimes wakes up and cries . Some mother face with the risk of death when they can’t deliver the baby easily.
                       Baby has always changes of body and mind . Mother always keeps an eye on the changes her baby. Sometimes baby changes appetite and then he or she becomes choosy. At that time mother must be patient to feed the food for her baby each time. 
                        The mother may not go back to school or work for income even though she want to do that. she has to wait at least for three or four years until baby goes to pre-school.
                         I love my mother more than my father because she is patient , considerate and kind to me . She understand me whatever i want and need. All the mother sacrified for their children.
                         So it is very good to celebrate the mother’s day every year. They deserve the kind of honor. i appreciate the person who get new idea to celebrate the Mother’s day.

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