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Don’t say you love me anymore

I dont get  you and  your love
I  know that love is so cool , so sweet and so gentle
Once i got from you .

Now i feel that was dream for me once 
I dont get why you change much .
Everything is memorable for me what u gave me once.
Now i just miss what you gave me once. 

Now you make my life miserable.
You know what you want to do and what u want to be 
You are full with selfish and proud
You treat me like a doll 
You never thought what i want
Your love is so hot like fire for me

When you say you love me

Pls let me say ,

I dont want to hear it.

 I can’t accept your love anymore.

I dont want your love anymore.

I can’t resist  it. 

So please dont say you love me anymore.



PS. This is first time writing here. so if make mistake ,  forgive and read pls. thanks

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jul 9, 2013

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