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Let’s talk about love. That’s all I have in mind right now. What else, then? Life? Buddha teachings? Why do I want to follow Buddha’s teachings, anyway?
Love? Is this the same word which has been used to describe the kind of true passion blessed by Buddha?
First of all, I asked this question to myself: “Do I really love myself?”
This is really a difficult question for me, but I would simply answer “Yes”, without any logical reasoning.

Thiking of references, the first book which would come into my mind is “Seven Habits”. True North? What is it? What does it mean by To Live, To Learn, To Love, To leave legacy,
then what? I don’t really understand it completely. I started off well, but I have got confused along the way. Sometimes I can’t even answer this simple question: “What is your purpose in life?”, can you?
If you have already got married by any chance, and if you have got kids, and assuming that you love them as normal parents do, I’d assume that you’d answer:
“Oh…my kids are my purpose in life. I’ve got to feed them. Educate them. Make them happy., etc”.
But does it really make sense? For me, well, I could kind of understand it, but I am not so sure about it.

There is a difference between giving up half way, and reaching to the top and going down again.
Sense of accomplishment.
On the other hand, not always, but “purpose” is also important.
My father wanted me to memorize this “If you do not get what you want, you do not really want it, or you are trying to bargain over the price”.
If you do not know where you are going, you might end up somewhere and you won’t even know it.
Do all these answer the question?

OK, so what? Got distracted by goals in life, great ambitions, etc? Where is love then?
Going back to the same question, “Do you really love yourself?”
Please answer…

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