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My Favorite Sharlock Holm’s Story

                          My favourite Sharlock Holm’s story is ” A Scandal in Bohemia” . 
                          One thing i like is the wit of Holm.He had never seen a strange person before. Nevertheless , he could tell him as a king. He could guess anyone where he or she came from by his or her accent and manner of speaking. He is very smart and intelligent as well.
                            Another thing is that i am interested in the love story of the king and his ex-girl friend, Iren Adler. She was not only pretty woman but also a brillient mind. When the king could not marry her , she was very upset and furious. She wanted to keep him from marrying another woman. She , therefore , was trying him threatening to show photograph of another woman. And then she tried to blackmail him.
                             I like the story because it is interesting and attracting .

  PS . I just try to write what i read and like some part from detective story. It is nothing special. 

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