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I’m not only one here but lonely!!!!!!!!!!!
There are many people around me from different countries,however,if we need help,we cann’t expect to get help,coz they just deal with us for only the present time.In addition,everybody here is just being here to earn money.They just ever think about for money.We need to be perfect during duty hours,coz nobody will forgive us if we make mistake even for paper job.They’r used to make big story.Let it be.I just wanna point out that the only place we can go and enjoy our time here is online,the only place where i can see my friends is online.One of my acquaintances told that “we live in the box” ,another one rejected and said “we are under house arrest”.Whatever here is ,we have to stay here until sometimes.I miss the night of YGN ,street tea shops,mobile snack shops,songs from tea shop.When the power is gone,YGN night is so peace.From our flat,we can see top portion of Shwe Dagon Pagoda.But here,from the morning till bed time,thoughts in my mind are what i shall cook today,which movie i should watch ,when i shall wash clothes.Day by day,I become noticed that my long-term and short-term memory are out of use.I easily forget something which I spoke it even 2mins ago.Anyway ,every after getting ready for work,before I leave my room,I used to say my PC     “Bye….. I’ll be right back ….,Be good    ,see u!!!!!!!!”

In: English Essay Posted By: Date: Dec 28, 2010
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Lonely !!!!!! Same with me … dan… I hope no matter how hard you can pass easily with your ability. … Life is battle so we need strength and fresh mind. May u be happy dan

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We must need to enjoy what we had a choice of situation of temporary life … dan!
what fighting for … ?
for love?
for family?
for friends?

Nothing …. It’s fighting for the human being of world.
your friend …. john

commentinfo By: johnmoe at Mar 1, 2011
Comment #3

Life is disaster………… Be strong

Comment #4

i hope may u escape from this……….

commentinfo By: su at Mar 15, 2011
Comment #5

This is life… we don’t really belong where we are now …but others will say that you are wrong …we can’t neglect it but continue because “others” are our parents, our friends and our people in our country … so for the sake of them ..we will survive this harsh world with our smiling faces which sound “Is this all you have got, World?” …
For the sake of our Families…
For the sake of our People…
For the sake of our world …
We need to continue …because their Happy Tears are the sweetest ever …

commentinfo By: KyawLay at Apr 5, 2011

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