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So low that I am gonna hit the hell’s burning fire. Heat Radiated through my veins, my nerves hurt like shit, I am smiling yet the pain is there. Has it happened again to me?
I want to pretend to be blind. Don’t dare to face the reality as usual.
Well, it feels exactly like I already have figured out how it would end.
Who cares? Who the hell cares? I am just a pathetic self pitied fool. Flip side? Say don’t want to look for one in me.
What has to be lost is gonna be lost. Why the hell do I need to look for Flip Side? Just to ease the pain? Crap. I’d rather bare this pain than lie to my self soothing that I am OK. I am not OK. Of course I am not gonna die. Of course there are a lot of options. Don’t tell me that. I am quite desperate now and I am scared. Scared like crap.
Cry a little? Yup. Don’t really want to “cry with tears”, but just wanna cry out loud.
Who is responsible? Of course it is me, as it has always been me. Can’t do this, can’t do that, then how the hell I am gonna just say what I am feeling to her? How much I care about her? Wait? Do I really care about her? Who knows? Even I am not sure, but man, I feel like shit, ya, I know this is the third time I use the word “shit”, or may be the fourth time. Forget it. I am so low buddy, I am so fucking low.

Mr Nobody

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