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How do i get through this night?

If I don’t have this needs, there won’t be any problem in my life.
I feel like I am going crazy, but I am not, it is just a state of mind. Did I make the wrong choice?
What do I care. After all these years, what do I really care? Why do I still long for it?
People will really laugh at me, or, they already are laughing at me.
I can’t tell what i am feeling now.
It hurts! ya, say it really hurts. What did I do to get myself stuck into this hell?
Do I deserve this?
Or am I too selfish? All I can say is I am totally unhappy now.
Ya.that is what I need. Although I am trying to get away from it. This is the place I have to go to, finally, if I am really looking for peace.
Only one doubt? Will I really get there?
And there are more than one solutions to a problem.
The question is..
how confident are you?

In: Others Posted By: Date: Feb 23, 2012
Comment #1

Wow great . i like it so much. but do u know about meditation? Do u have experience about meditation? i just ask u. but .. good

commentinfo By: cynthia at Feb 24, 2012
Comment #2

i feel exactly the same….every single thought…. even the meditation one 🙂

commentinfo By: JoJo at Apr 4, 2012

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