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The monster inside

She keeps it hidden inside, a creature so deep in her skin she is scared to show it. It tears her apart at night and shows her fear at day. She screams with terror but it only makes the pain worse. The hot tears run down her face, she bites her lip as it starts to bleed. This monster inside her is killing her on the inside out. Nobody can save her, shes falling apart and dying slowly. She tries to fight it off but she’s becoming too weak. Her screams fill the humid air and her wrists slit and start to bleed. This fight is over her heart is on the table her lungs are in a jar, and she’s lost all hope. Death has taken her and this monster insideher has won. She couldn’t stay strong any more, she’s forever gone now. Not in a better place but safer, still angry inside she rages out and punches holes in the walls that hold great secrets. This war is over, go back to hell.  

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jan 31, 2012

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