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You Are The Only One…

I don’t wanna say I miss you
I just willing to say I need you now
I know, I know
I left you without saying goodbye….

I knew now how much I love you
I know, you are the ony who love me the most
I shouldn’t done that
Believe me, I won’t leave you from now on
You are the only one in my heart and soul…

Even though you want to leave me
Please say, goodbye to me
Otherwise, please hold my hand
Give me a kiss and hug like before
I was always happy while I was with you
You are the only one who made me smiles..

Where are you now?
I am waiting you 
My tear is coming down for you
Forgive me
I know you can
Trust won’t lose me again….

Tell me anything you want
I am ready for you
But expect please don’t say ” I HATE YOU”
Phone me every time
I am waiting your phone tone
Every time recieve a message
I think it is from you
Every time my phone ring
I think it is from you…

I am dying of miss you
I am a crazy now
Please come back to me…
You are the only one for me..

I pretend to write from girl’s side….It may be wrong but please check it out..
                                                             Trying to be

In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: May 25, 2013
Comment #1

I m the first reader.

commentinfo By: ei lay at May 25, 2013
Comment #2

i m 2nd reader 😛

commentinfo By: ေမပ်ဳိ at May 25, 2013
Comment #3

i m 3rd reader

commentinfo By: moe zaw naing at Dec 21, 2013

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