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Leave this battle and forgive.

They are miles apart but that doesnt keep them from loving each other. They miss each other dearly, her parents don’t know what he is like, his parents don’t know who she is. Driven in two different directions they some how still manage to be together and keep their love going. They don’t have much hope for the future but when they seperate maybe they’ll find each other again and fall in love all over again. Nobody knows for sure how she can have such great love for him, and how he can love her no matter what happens. When she is going through something hard he is always there to lead her out of the dark and show her a new beginging. 
She is slowly forgetting the love that she has for him now. He wants her to be with the guy that she likes now but he still wont ever let go of her heart and her love. She wants to leave but something is just holding her back from going. They are both becoming blind now and can’t see the path that they are going down. The other boy that she loves wants her to go and leave this town with her and runaway, she is trying to think but her heart us giving way. All this love and all these tough choices are making her weak. Love is stronger and so she tries to be stronger but she loses each time. It’s taking over now, they fight over her and try to win her heart but she is finished now. Love as won. She stands in the middle of them as she holds the gun to her head and pulls the tirger. Love is all they have left now, she’s gone and they cannot believe what pain they had put her through. They can’t cope anymore and leave this battle field and try to forgive themselves for what they did. But they can’t let go. She is still there, watching over them. 

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Feb 3, 2012

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