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Taking a Flight

8-7-2012 Taking a Flight
Wish it were more that every once in a while,hope to walk to the other side,
Crowds ,they say not the same, which way does the wind blow,
Toe in- towards out,the likes of you was all that I was asking for,
Your eyes , change with the weather,again dark as the night sky,
I draw towards the book I’ve read before,waiting on my plane to arrive,

Waiting on Flight One- O- Nine,outside- the world I leave behind,
Focusing on where I went wrong more that what I have done,
Calling me on board ,Flight -One O Nine ,with my carry along,
Waiting,wanting to move ahead in line,time suspends me in time,
Long enough to ease my mind,I sleep for hours ,I’ve left,

Landing my feet are on the ground,I’m lost ,I forgot my phone,
Again I cross the river that leads to the busy sea,
I miss my friends I never had,my dream is in my destination,
My efforts fuel my passion,my love is where my heart is,
Compassion haunts my loneliness,as I think of you back home.

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