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Love Is A Dream For Me…

Love is a dream for me
I was happy with angle
She taught me how to serve
She taught me how to love
We built our relationship
Withe everything, time, money, and heart
In the end,  it was a dream
I was sinking under the beauty
I gave everything I own
I have nothing left expect missing 
And waiting for dying….

Every day I just sighing 
And look at your photo
We smile, happy and kind
But now where are they?

I don’t notice how am I stupid 
I gave everything to her
I sank under her talky
I sank under her smile
Every time, I see you
Every day, I love you more
Love is a dream for me…

I was happy in my dream
I don’t care what people are saying
I need nothing expect you
You destored my happiness 
You destored my days

I have no idea to write any more….Sorry guys..


In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Apr 10, 2013
Comment #1

U destroyed me & my dream

commentinfo By: ei lay at Apr 10, 2013
Comment #2

aww.. i never heard girl talky before.. just now ..

commentinfo By: cynthia at Apr 11, 2013

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