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It Is Too Late….

Time is going fast
The ages are getting old
Why am I still remembering her…..

Aww.the love
Even though I avoid it
You still persuade me
You came my dream
I allow to let you in
My faults, it is my faults
I don’t have time to explain
It was too late..

I tried and tried over and over again
I can’t escape from you
Wherever I go,
You follow me
Whatever I do,
You tell to me
Whenever I sleepy,
I can’t sleep deeply
You are always there toturing me
I have no time to say
It is too late….

I don’t have energy to say “go away” from me
I won’t beg you to stay with me
Do I have choice?
Tell me,
Now can I have happiness as if past? 
Can I have hugs and kisses like past?
Will you live in my chest like past?
Will you give me the smiles again?
I know, you can’t
I know, I can’t get it
It is too late……

I wish that if I became a human again
I don’t wanna get this love any more
When everyone is happy, I feel sad for you
What did I do wrong to you?
And you didn’t give me a chance to explain 
You didn’t even say “goodbye” to me
You didn’t understand me but
I understood you
However it is too late…..

Last night, I read poems from poemscorner. I found some information about love. That’s why I create a poem for the love but this is not happy poem. Please kindly try to feel on this poem..

In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Mar 4, 2013
Comment #1

excellent writing …..

commentinfo By: cynthia at Mar 4, 2013
Comment #2

Thanks Cynthia so much for your compliment on my poem…..

commentinfo By: soeoo at Mar 4, 2013
Comment #3

present time is better than ur past.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Mar 5, 2013

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