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I am dying in your smiles
i am dying in your eyes
I can’t escape form you
Don’t drive me crazy
You are the only one….

I can’t stop to dreaming about you
I can’t stop to saying your name
over and again and again and again 
I can’t terminateto love you
You are my everything, blood, and heart..

Please give me your hand
make the world become happy smiles together
My theory of love is
love+love is happiness 
so that hug me and kiss me
And change the world with our love..

Make the planet become green
you are my angnel 
I can’t discontinue too say I LOVE YOU
I don’t know where can I ask permision 
to get your love?
TELL ME, I can be dying without you
belive me, you are my only one..

Without expectation, I made a poem, please understand for rythem, TRYING TO BE..

In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Nov 18, 2012
Comment #1

Oh,,my god.
I read for half an hour.
So much like coz totally same with my feelings.
Plz let me copy.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Nov 18, 2012
Comment #2

Great fri~~~~~
super Like

commentinfo By: loafer at Nov 18, 2012
Comment #3

nice n meaningful poem

commentinfo By: ေမပ်ဴိ at Nov 18, 2012
Comment #4

Thank you for your compliment on my poems. You all could use my poem as you all like and I am happy to give to you, Ma Ei Lay, Loafer, May Pyo. Trying to be

commentinfo By: soeoo at Nov 19, 2012
Comment #5

This is the best.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Nov 21, 2012
Comment #6

I can’t stop dreaming about u.
Over & again & again & again & again.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Nov 22, 2012
Comment #7

Thanks again for your compliment to Ma Ei, loafer, and maypyo

commentinfo By: soeoo at Feb 26, 2013

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