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Do you want to game the school?

When You Go to School What you want to do?
There are thousands of schools in our country and many are very populated with so many students.So they are not so keen to learn in their
subjects and got no firm ground in Education.These effects are working on them when they reach the Matrix Level ;I means Grade -9 ,Grade-10 etc…When I was a young in B.E.H.S,No(2).C.W.S Amarapura in Mandalay,I found that all the lessons in our standard are directing to the real life presentation. It was just a 13 young boy to check it.My mom is a primary level teacher.So I get all her patient teaching and even a head shot ha ha.It isso hard in my skull.Now I am an aged man and I get to university ,I look back years for our features,excellent IT age Humans.
The childhood experiences may guiding the children to a success nor depress when they have their adults forms.These days ,there are
many way to spend time like playing games ,searching internet in their hands.But there will not be good if they are just doing ways just for fansand spending time.They match the real life by a game chapter that is easy to gamed(passed).But one things missing,they can get some ofthe advantages by remembering the games tools and searching data written by English.But if they can know the sense between the Games andtheir students life,they may be better students and get the knowledge easily whatever they learn.I too played well some PC games and never get them outside.I means when I played a mission to kill the troops in a action game,I don;t getthat in the real life by fighting with my younger sister or not.
Today is the time of Accessing the Information Quick,our new leaders will do the right things as by imitating each others.
I concern about the Bad Game playing and using the IT in false .I concerns some adults things in Children reach.We should wanna do some things in controlling Game.
See your children and check he or she wanna kill somethings that is in their mind.,
In the Palace of Thanyawzin

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What is this all about???????

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