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I Am Sure Who I Love….

Who said that I don’t love you
And who know how much I love you….

I don’t know when I love you
I don’t know how  I love you
I don’t even know  I love you
But I am sure who I love, it was you……

You run my blood
You took my heart
And run away from me
So that, I want ask you to give it back to me….

I don’t know how to begin to say
And I don’t want to away 
Even though we are away form miles
You are always in my eyes….

I remember you smile
When I met with you
That smile took my heart away from me
I can’t escape from you……

I keep shut up and silent 
Cause of I don’t you to upset
And I don’t want to lose your smiles….

Whatever, whoever tell me
I am the only one fell in your love..

You made me strong
I am always wrong
Case of I am seing your smiles into my eyes
I don’t know why…..

Trust me,
I am sure that I am loving to you without a doubt
                                                                      Trying to be 

In: ကဗ်ာ Posted By: Date: Jan 17, 2013
Comment #1

Super like.
Hit directly.
Thz so much for sharing ur feeling.

Trust me.
I m falling in love with only u.
No doubt.
I cant escape from u.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Jan 17, 2013
Comment #2

Thanks for your comment and reading to Ma Ei..

commentinfo By: soeoo at Feb 25, 2013
Comment #3

u r welcome.
i m so much appreciate with ur encourage poem.

even though we r away fr miles.u r always in my mind.
trust me.i m loving u with no doubts.
u run my blood.
u took my heart.

really really touching to my heart directly.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Feb 25, 2013
Comment #4

Thanks again Ma Ei..

commentinfo By: soeoo at Feb 26, 2013

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