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Call Me Anytime

If one day you feel like crying ….
Call me .
I don’t promise you that i will make you laugh,
But i can cry with you .
If one day you want to run away…
Don’t be afraid to call me .
I don’t promise to ask you to stay,
But i can run with you .
If one day you don’t want to listen to anybody,
Call me….
I promise to be very quiet .
But ,
If one day you call
And there is no answer….
Come fast to see me ,
Perhaps I NEED YOU

Thank you for always being there for me

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jun 27, 2010
Comment #1

call me any time
I will be always there for you

commentinfo By: John Moe Eain at Jun 27, 2010
Comment #2

no one perfect BUT you do.

commentinfo By: asdfjkl; at Oct 4, 2012
Comment #3

Really Really Really nice & so touching.
I admire a lot.

For me,
I m really afraid to make ph call.
Cos my ph calls have been cancelled.
I don’t realize how many time I was suffered for these cancellings.
I have been so scarred.
I have been suffered pain a lot.
My heart felt pain so much.
I couldn’t forget until today.
I couldn’t forget that I had to cry a lot.
I m afraid.

commentinfo By: ei lay at Oct 4, 2012

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