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The small white glove

After you,the long parade came to a still,I followed towards the end,I felt amused,
You were on top of the world as the towering clock struck mid-night true.
Smiling did I, as the last light dimmed out smoke muffled corsets
Loosening the grip of the times of fainting laughter ,which just had begun.
I knew for sure the decade had left a foot print on you, as you upon it,
The bright light was fading just as you liked it,at the pinnacle of your life.
The image you left.would be everlasting.but you had left with the time it took to surrender,
I felt a part of it all as you turned back smiling,as though the past,
Was calling you into the does a merry go round spins round and round,
Bring on the bright night into the darkened after light,as hello follows good night,
On what appears to be the calmness of another life breaking the silence of,
Just another grand show,in which you had to let me go,
on the canvass which captured the fading last act,
Of a marvelous show,which seemed to go on and on,
During the Painter’s final stroke as to say, so long.

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Mar 30, 2014

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