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The Best of afternoons

1-21-2013 The Best of Afternoons
Lying awake,I could see the light of day,
Through the door ,that of a keyhole,
Out of my opening eyes I notice, the lazy clock reaches up as the candle light did, some what like the night before,
On the wall,my calenders’ picture,
A monkey in a sailor’s suit with a pageboy haircut,
The summer breeze sneaks a glimps of future funny poses,
What will the future bring,hopefully more that just monkey business,
As in slow motion at first,surely I race into the openess,
Seemingly resilient from a restless night of dreaming,
Through the sound of a far-a-way intuition calling,
Me out from into the sunlight,away from these cumbersome blues.

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jan 22, 2013

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