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The Evening Light

4-7-2012        The Evening Light
    Pour the evening light all over me,set me free,
    Free as the fresh ,clean breeze from far up above,
    Speak to me in whispers,when I’m feeling bad,
    Count with me,the days going by,share with me,
    Tomorrow’s today, guide to the evening light,
    Brings the rain,filling the empty hearted,
    Widens the eyes of the early bright,
    Hide not,your smile from the shadow of your nose,
    Step forward,be noticed for what you stand for,
    Shake with the leaves that sleep,deep in the evening light,
    We will be late to our own appointed wake,
    Hang on to life as we know it,here in the evening light.                                    

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Apr 8, 2012

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