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to old flame

            don’t u know?u r my special one .and how much i need u ,how much i love u .i am leaving my life in ur hand. peolpe say i am crazy n i am blind .but i don’t care coz they don’t know our lovely past .in our past ,we walked together,we ran in the rain together ,we laughed together and we cried together………don’t u remember it?why did u leave me?don’t u know i can’t live without u .u are not just my past ,not only my present .but also my future.i said once,”u can see another one,but pls don’t leave me….i can allow u for a while …and u can think another one  but pls don’t let anyone settle in ur heart .u can take her hand but ps don’t give up my hand “.Although i even said like that,u tried to leave me .What was i wrong ?what i am wrong ?when u was in trouble ,we face together.when u was happy ,we laughed together.when u felt sorry,we cried together….anything u need,i was ready for u …just say that it is true.pls take a look to our past ..There was happy memory,there was understanding,loyality,honesty,promises and patience in our past .moreover,there was love<true love >between us.But now where do they go?why do they disappear?why?why?who breaks these strings?u or i or fate ………i thought that there was a firm string more than love between us.but i was nothing is left .all r vaporized…May b that is my fault..coz i forgot to check ur love,suspect ur words n analyze ur i m left …but u should know that it is my heart that u used to play as ur dice .without u,what do i do ?where do i go ?i don’t know what to do is getting lonely .i m confusing with thoughts..i do miss u by standing in the looking in the sky….i know that i can’t turn my calendar to reach the past .i am just ur old flame ….we only met in the past ,we only loved in the i have to leave u in the past .
                                              i am strong
                                              i am brave
                                              i am not a soft girl
                                              i can’t be a heart broken girl 
 i am whispering these words and catch my hands not to press ur ph no and my mind not to reach the past  and try not to miss someday ,i will forget u .i m trying my best ….so don’t worry about me …stay cool  and Go on………

In: English Essay Posted By: Date: Jul 25, 2010
Comment #1

the feeling is same.. like it .. if although its really an story… but there was two life also happened as exactly as this essay.
The final conclusion .. i like it .. “I am strong,I am brave,I can’t be a heart broken girl.”

commentinfo By: Su at Aug 24, 2010
Comment #2 nice..:)

commentinfo By: ingyin at Sep 7, 2010
Comment #3

thz u for ur comment

commentinfo By: su at Sep 8, 2010
Comment #4

your feeling so cool …you should be strong sis…
Don’t miss three things ..a) spent money b) past time c) old flame

commentinfo By: poent at Oct 19, 2010
Comment #5

thank u …………

commentinfo By: su at Oct 22, 2010

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