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I wish I could stay under the waterfall

Waterfall-down on me again,my mind soars without my feet ever leaving the ground,

Waterfall- I come to be free just for a while,I’m empty handed -nothing for the wishing well,

Waterfall-It’s been too long,where will I go from here,I look up for what is coming down,

Waterfall-The peace you bring to me, is what I’ve been waiting for,But I can’t stand still-no more.

Waterfall-I feel you in my mind ,body ,and soul,coming down on me-if not again, then maybe once more,

Waterfall-down on me again,I can’t stand still no no ,where will I go from here,




In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jan 27, 2012
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Very nice

commentinfo By: Ruth Courtney at Feb 26, 2012

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