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Lost in a Dream

7-29-2012    Lost in a Dream
            Fading out now ,in the cold clear night fall,it’s too early to tell,
            If the moon will be freindly,in the call of the springtime,
            When I can rise, bright eyed to the sunshine,
            Tonight I’m lost in a dream I can’t find my way out of ,   
            Gone is the freedom ,that of an open mind.
            Running fast through falling rainshowers,how long till the clouds dry,
            Blue is the sky line,a shade off from the distance in your eyes,
            When will you arrive,older now I have less time,
            A brush from a tree branch was all but a wakeup call,
            I must get back home where I will belong.                                                   
            Sitting in the shade of a heatwave,drinking a cool lemonaid,
            Thinking of nothing, is the find of my mind,
            If only I could rest till I sleep to find myself once again,
            Left somewhere in my own limelight,stuck in my head,
            I ‘ll find freedom,that of a open mind,tomorrow will be mine

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jul 31, 2012

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