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The Long Drive Home

3-17-2012        The Long Drive Home
        Just to see you again was all that I wanted,the flight ,the drive,
        The disposition of not knowing where I was,I don’t like,
        Too much daydreaming, staring out the window of this long flight,
        I told you that I would see you,if even for a few short moments,
        To me it was eye to eye,with many smiles that I really wanted,
        Even  if it was long ago,the memory last andhas not gone,
        I hope to see you again soon,but I realize their may be a wait,
        If I had one wish, it would be to see you before the sun goes down,
        And one more smile before you are grown, to me your innocents prevails

        Part of the promise was to drive a long way on my way back home, 

       Living with you not around is difficult,which I guess I don’t mind.
        Someday you may think of me, when you go see your grown up child.
        I wish I would have spent more time with you,when you were around.

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Mar 18, 2012
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This poem is about my Daughter,Crystal who left home at an early age.I write about the experience I felt when I went to see her,I Love her and miss her ,dearly

commentinfo By: Ricky Brown at Mar 19, 2012

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