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Home (Kitty Yang)

With the gentle voice of her
Saying “I miss the good memories of us”
She cannot wait for the next reunion
Dear mom, we miss you too.

He cried out my name
Sensing the longing of my presence
My dear dad, I love you too.

My eyes welling up
When I start to recall
The desire of them to meet our needs and wants.

Craving the smell of home
The cozy feeling of the living room
The laughs we all shared
The tears we all had
Somebody, take me home.


-=Kitty Yang=-

[Your Brilliant Torture]

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Jun 17, 2009
Comment #1

nice .. love it

commentinfo By: thettwe at Jun 17, 2009
Comment #2

dar pae.. thu gyi kwa 😛

commentinfo By: Kitty Yang at Jun 17, 2009
Comment #3

Smbody, tak me home.. byalllll 🙁

commentinfo By: အရဲ at Jun 17, 2009
Comment #4

mhmm…good,,,but i like the last paragraph most

commentinfo By: friendchen at Sep 7, 2009
Comment #5

thank u for your feedback 😀

commentinfo By: Kitty Yang at Sep 7, 2009

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