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The Rock will Roll

The Rock will Roll 11-18-1999           
 The Rock will roll,kicking it with thunder,all eyes will turn-ears will tilt,

As  this boy walks a path that’s true of wonder,

He learns from books anew,he holds tight the living word,against his pure heart upright,

 More than us all are proud and with joy,as He above smiles and spares,all of everyone,

Due to those with endurable patience, will be strengthened,

He with a heart of gold and a mind that glows,will reflect a kindness -as he perceives,

He has been blessed many times over,there is meaning in the presence of the sky in his eyes,

There will be few goals,that aren’t gone beyond, His surroundings of happiness are clear,

This is known-even if he is alone, He will always reflect the light, that has been shone upon him, 

Isn’t he bold,this Son of ours

In: English Poem Posted By: Date: Dec 12, 2011
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I wrote this when my Son was first born,He is now a teenager

commentinfo By: Ricky Brown at Feb 5, 2012

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