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I like listening to the music. i listen to the audio every single night before sleeping. The music amuses me and refreshes my mind. There are various kinds of music. Some of them are piano , violen, syxophone , xylophone , clarenette , fluit , guitar and so on. Among them the most favorite music of mine is the guitar.
                      I love the sound of guitar very much. It makes me active and energetic. It gives me fun  and  amusement as well. That is why i learned how to sing a song and play with guitar since i was a teen-ager. I , therefore can play the guitar considerately and get to know about some kinds of music related with the guitar.There are lots of music about the guitar. Some of them are country music , disco , cha-cha, rock-n-roll, heavy rock,heavy metal and so forth.
                       I like the best country music among them. It is merely old- fashioned music. But it never makes us tired and bored. It always renew again and again. It also gives us happiness and a peace of mind. That is why i love very much the country songs played with the guitar. 
PS. i just try to write Essay. If something is wrong , pls be read forgive and patient. 

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